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Making Space

Making Space

It has been our experience that establishing a designated spot for children to create, craft, color, learn, and more, is an effective way for them to either start building their independence or contribute to the growth of it.

Wondering where to start?

It can be as simple as at your dinner table. When they have a place to go and make choices; It’s space with boundaries. Here are a few things they can learn and be kept accountable for:

  • Putting caps back on markers 
  • Handling scissors properly 
  • Exposure to both glue and glue sticks; seeing that it actually does stick
  • Using tape 

You can implement your boundaries by having ready responses like:

  • Where do we color? 
  • Where does the garbage go? 
  • Why do we put the caps back on markers? 
  • How do we hand someone scissors?  

As for providing choices, this improves their confidence. You could ask them before they start: 

  • Markers or crayons? 
  • Plain or colored paper? 
  • Glue or tape? 
  • Stapler or hole punch? 

You now have this space.  Now you can either put items at their level or put in a Rubbermaid. Whatever you feel they are ready for! When you can tell your child what you expect, your odds of them behaving, or at least attempting to, will rise. 

You’ve probably thought, this might get pricey watching them dump the glue and it sticks to 50 pieces of paper 😂 It’s important for them to make a mess, as it assists in the growth of their creativity! The dollar store has a great section of these items, even a mini stapler is available! Have fun watching their imagination unfold before you; you’re creating the expectation of a place for the mess! 

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